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May 26, 2015

    In Maine’s Moosehead Lake Region, “Fishing is well underway and plenty of fish are coming to the nets,” according to Master Maine Guide Dan Legere.

      “If you're a trout pond person you're in for a good time. Even though major mayfly hatches haven't kicked in just yet they are not far off. My guess is by the weekend, trout will be lapping up the first of the Blue Dunn hatches. The good news is you likely won't need to use your sinking line very much. Trout are already eagerly grabbing Hornbergs and muddlers fished just beneath the surface. Retrieve 'em slow and steady and watch for the boil. The next couple of weeks will be the very best our trout pond have to offer. Don't forget your Ben's (insect repellent) if you're heading for the woods.”

  “Mayflies will start hatching right in the middle of the day and last all afternoon shutting down just in time to make happy hour.”

  “Moosehead Lake itself is in the post smelt spawn mode when fish leave the mouth of the streams and spread about. Spencer Bay is already fishing well. Trolling tandem streamers can be great fun and the scenery couldn't be better. The back side of Mt. Kineo and the north end of the lake around Northeast Carry are favorites because they annually fish well this time of season.”
  “All you moving water fans should see favorable flows over the weekend. We've had days on the East Outlet when we couldn't do anything wrong and all we needed was a #4-Grey Ghost. That tells us fish are throughout the river. Other days we had to really work for fish when nymphing.”

   Kittery Trading Post is building off of a great kayak fishing seminar series from Tim Moore by offering a FREE shark rigging and fishing seminar with Captain Shawn Tibbetts of the F/V Miss Megan II. 

  Friday, June 12 at 6pm in Kittery Trading Post’s Katahdin Seminar room in the fishing department the first 30 attendees make and keep their own shark rig. Captain Shawn will go through everything from fishing techniques to equipment requirements for landing New England sharks. This seminar is for any level of fisherman and absolutely free. 

MAINE: Both of the Legere’s, Dan and Penny have been our friends and contributors to this report for several years. So it’s not a big surprise to us that Dan has been the recipient of the much esteemed Wiggie Robinson Legendary Guide Award! Here’s the news:

  Dan Legere of Greenville, Maine was recently recognized by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife at the Maine Professional Guides Association banquet as the 2015 recipient of the Wiggie Robinson Legendary Guide Award. Dan’s award will be presented to him at an event this summer as he was unable to attend the banquet. Dan owns and operates the Maine Guide Fly Shop and Guide Service in the heart of the Moosehead Lake Region, offering guided fly fishing trips and fly fishing schools.

  “Dan’s long career as a Registered Master Maine Guide in the Moosehead Region has earned him much respect amongst his peers,” said Deputy Commissioner Andrea Erskine. “He is known as a gifted teacher and wonderful mentor and exemplifies what it means to be a Maine Guide.” 
  Dan currently serves on the Moosehead Fisheries Focus Group and previously held a position on the Board of the Forest Society of Maine.  He was also heavily involved in the West Branch Easement Project.  In recent years, Dan has hosted Project Healing Waters retreats, has worked with the Wounded Warrior Project and has taught fly tying to area youth through the local school system.  Dan is regularly asked for his input on local issues and has been active in numerous efforts to promote the outdoor opportunities found in the Moosehead region. 

  “Dan has taught me more about fly fishing than I will ever remember,” said Registered Maine Guide Ian Cameron.  “He is a gifted teacher, a wonderful mentor, and an extraordinarily marvelous example to the public of what it means to be a Maine Guide.  He is what all the rest of us in the profession aspire to be.  Dan is, simply, the guide’s guide.”

  Winners of the Wiggie Robinson Legendary Maine Guide Award must have held a guide’s license in Maine for at least 20 years and actively guided for at least 10 of those years; pass a criminal background check; actively volunteer within the community to introduce and educate youth about the Maine outdoors; and actively serve on boards or committees that enhance or promote the important of Maine’s outdoor resources.

  Master Maine Guide Stu Bristol of Lyman reports: Weather-wise, this is the warmest Memorial Day weekend in years and anglers are out in numbers. Brook anglers are finding pockets of fish in the larger pools. Water levels are down to almost drought conditions. All southern Maine brooks and streams have been stocked and most of the anglers report taking numbers of fish at or near the stocking points. A few anglers reported the fish left the roadside pools and headed upstream, spreading out the numbers.”

  “Small pond anglers are finding large number of crappie that have just finished spawning and bass anglers are finding fish engaged in spawning. Most of the bass tournaments are on hold until after the spawn is completed. Long Lake in Parsonfield is giving up larger fish due in part by the new restrictions on roadside parking. Car toppers and canoe anglers are making out the best and do not have trailers.” 

  “On the larger lakes and ponds the salmon and lake trout have begun to retreat to a lower level in the water column. Streamer flies in sparsely tied patterns such as Queen Bee and Miss Sharon are top lures, after live, sewn smelt. On days with a slight chop on the surface anglers are taking salmon in the 3–4-pound range.”

  “Early morning anglers on Little Ossipee in Waterboro and Rock Haven Pond in Newfield are finding brook trout hugging the bottom. Nymph patterns in 12–14 are finding more fish than wobble spoons and natural baits.”

  Here’s the report from Saco Bay Bait and Tackle: “The brooks and streams are still flowing but we are in need of some rain to get the pools filled again. Scott Bartlett told me Sebago has been keeping him busy catching salmon.

  “Reports of small striped bass have been reported all along the Saco River from the dam to the jetties for the past week. Lots of shad still at the dam using shad darts–all colors have been working well. Bass (stripers) have been hitting best on sandworm and bloodworm along the sandy bottom of the Saco River and Camp Ellis. The Ron Z has success in the Scarborough Marsh yesterday on schoolies. Rubber baits 6" and 8" in the herring and pearl have been working as well with a slow retrieval.  Do not forget to take out your mambo minnow or SP minnow in your tackle box.” 

  “Mike Payer had some luck with the Storm Eye Shad near the Dam in the Saco River. Typically the inlets and rivers are a great start for the stripers to be spotted before they hit the beaches. William Evangelista said he sees a few stripers surfacing on the river side of the Jetty in Camp Ellis. He spent most of his evening north of the Pier in Old Orchard Beach and had some luck before dawn this morning.”

  “Ben Day had some luck with his favorite Lonely Angler Popper first thing in the morning and early evening. Fishing tide change has always given best results. But remember, that any time to fish is a great time to fish after the winter we had here in Maine.”

  “If you are fishing from a boat in the river, try trolling with a tube and worm slow with the current. Wine color and bubble gum color tubes are effective with a blood or sandworm.  Early reports of mackerel we caught off the Kennebunk jetty a couple of days ago.”

  Captain Tim Tower reports that offshore The Bunny Clark has been busy despite the new regulations.  In between catching haddock, some pollock, and redfish, the cod were weighed and released for information to pass along to NOAA.  Everyone has to make the best of a limited situation.”

  “Miss Megan Charters took out a group who wanted to get out and bend a rod. They limited out on their haddock and asked us for some recipes for red fish. Hopefully we will continue to give you good news this season.”

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Tom Caron at Tall Timber Lodges on Back Lake in Pittsburg (New Hampshire’s largest and most northern township) reports: “Big day on the lower Connecticut River for drifting and casting streamers. A couple of groups of fishermen were out there on the drifts yesterday, hitting good amounts of trout between West Stewartstown, NH and Colebrook, NH, and south of Colebrook as well. Our guide Jon Howe (Old Man River) fooled a couple of beauties that he hoisted and released yesterday on the lower drift.”

  “The beadhead Madonna was the fly of choice, and through careful experimentation, they determined that the color yellow was a key ingredient to any streamer fly choice. Sinking line completed the proper set up for yesterday’s fishing on the Connecticut River.”

  “Sounds like there’s good reports out there on the Trophy Stretch (nymphs are working best) and below Murphy Dam as well (streamers and nymphs).  The hefty rainbows that were stocked by the Pittsburg Anglers Association (memberships, hint, hint) have been decently active on the Trophy Stretch over the last couple of days.”

  “It was in the upper 20’s this morning up here, and it has remained very windy today, so there’s not much going on for hatches at the moment.”

  This just in from Ethan Emerson, NH F&G’s Seasonal Fisheries Technician: “This time of year is the pre-spawn for smallmouth. In the North Country, they haven’t quite yet moved up onto the shallow flats to tend to their beds, where they will stay and pretty much fast themselves (except for defensive strikes on predators to their young) for several weeks. Right now they are just on the deep-side edge of these flats preparing themselves for the spawn by eating aggressively.”

   “The biggest smallmouth tend to be found in deep, clear-water lakes. I find the best luck catching them with fast-action baits-- crankbaits, swimbaits, or best of all big, hard-plastic jerkbaits.”

  “One of the more fun things about fishing like this, this time of year, is that you never know what you are going to catch; I have been in a boat that has caught a big smallmouth, a lake trout, a big brown trout, a giant perch, and a salmon all within an hour on the same baits. In this case of pre-spawn smallmouth, I find the old adage to be true: bigger baits equal bigger fish. Size matters: the size of the bait, the size of the fish, and the size of the smile on your face when that rod is bent to the last guide.  Go big in the next couple weeks—don’t stay home!”

  Don Miller, Regional Fisheries Biologist in the Granite State’s Lakes Region reports: “Salmon fishing continues to be good on Winnipesaukee, with fish caught down to 30 feet deep. Early morning anglers will still find fish at the surface. Lake trout are active with anglers reporting double-digit catches, especially for those jigging their spoons.”

  “Fisheries Biologists Matt Carpenter and Ben Nugent have been busy trucking alewives into Lake Winnisquam to help bolster short term forage in that lake, and to restore herring in the Merrimack watershed to historical levels.”

  “Surplus Atlantic salmon broodstock (a great surprise for us) were stocked into the Merrimack and Winnipesaukee Rivers recently, and with low water conditions now prevalent, fishing is great!”
  “Trout ponds have been stocked, a few of them multiple times, and fly hatches are in full swing.  Remote pond fishing is also excellent at this time.”

  “Anglers should know that Jones Pond in Middleton has been restored with a new dam that was finished last fall.  The brookies are waiting for those who want to make the short hike into the pond! This is a fly fishing only pond with a 2-trout daily limit.  Fishing for native brook trout in White Mountain streams is great, but don’t wait—as stream levels are very low for this time of year.”

  “Word has it that a new state record carp has been caught in the Merrimack River. I’m just waiting for the paper work to arrive! This just points to the fact that New Hampshire has a splendid mix of fish to satisfy all anglers.  Get out now, and enjoy the beautiful spring weather—I know I will this weekend!”
  Captain Rocky Gauron at Gauron’s Fishing Boats in Hampton reports: “We had two boats on the all-day haddock fishing trip yesterday. One did super, and the other just a fair/more like slow. But overall great fishing.”

“It's funny. On the half day trips, everyone wants to fish for haddock. They have been having pretty good luck. Lots and lots of undersize pollock and haddock, but, they have been bringing back a decent share of legal size fish.”

  “Cory and Junior had striper fishing charters yesterday, and even they ended up haddock fishing with great results.” 

  Captain Les Eastman Jr. reports from Eastman’s Fishing Dock in Seabrook: “Never has a spring produced so many pollock. Six to eight per person today on the All Day boat, along with the limit of haddock. Doesn't get much better.”

  “Half Day we are catching the mackerel and also the limit of haddock. Beautiful stretch of weather coming up, let’s go fishing. Plenty of room on all trips, all weekend, except the marathon which is sold out.”

MASSACHUSETTS: This just in from Captain Jason Colby of Little Sister Charters in Boston Harbor. “In general, since the last report, the fishing has been excellent with the exception of Saturday morning’s trip with cold and honking NW winds ("cold from hell") and that trip was merely "ok" (25 fish for 5 guys). The rest of the trips have been limits or "just shy". 

“Flounder in the 18 inch+ size are now showing on just about every trip including the seasons 1st 4+ (4 pounds, 1 ounce on official scale) a great time with a lot of fun and jokes!”

  Craig from Surfland and Ned hit the beach yesterday for the afternoon outgoing tide. Craig sent us info: “Ocean-front groins, outgoing tide all (of the fish were) in the rocks. All fish on the Kalin’s Pintail— white with a half-ounce jig head.”

  Boston Dave just in from fishing the river for the low tide reported: The river produced schoolies this a.m. (not like a few days ago when everyone got their fair share with some fish in the low 30″ range), but still people caught! No keepers that he saw. But the birds were diving like mad across the river, thousands of them! Lefty Al caught 11 fish from the oceanfront early this a.m. before hitting the river where he also caught a few.  The wind has definitely died down from yesterday so today is a great day to fish!”

   Because of the inherent time restrictions of gathering fresh, up-to-date information, editing and producing this report in a timely manner, occasional errors or marginal information may slip by us. We try our hardest to provide accurate information. We urge readers to use this report as a tool to increase their fishing pleasure and not to rely on as their sole resource. First or second hand information is offered by fishing guides, commercial fishing charters or party boats, bait and tackle dealers, well known successful anglers and state and federal fisheries and natural resource law enforcement officials. We also welcome and use reports forwarded to us by fishermen that use this report. Thank you, Kittery Trading Post Fishing Report Reporter.

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